Desmond Burdon

I was in Newbury last weekend and picked up a copy of 'The Awards: The Association of Photographers - Eighteenth Awards 2001'.

There's some gook work within its pages but I was particularly struck by some photos by Desmond Burdon.  I'd never heard of him before you can read his biography over at his site (which annoyingly is a flash site) at:

The work that struck me I found mildly reminiscent of Saul Leiter through his use of colour.  It's not colour in the abstract way of Leiter, but something about it made me immediately think of his work.  I don't believe it's representative of his work in general but here are some of his work (which I will take down if anyone objects).

[My bad copying of the photos does them no justice.]  Click on the photo to see the next.


See more great photos by AOP photographers over at their website.