Serendipity and threats

Lunchtime had proven fruitful for photography so I popped back into town at four-thirty or so.  I came across this guy (Graham) looking cool.  Turns out he's into photography and has done photos with a pinhole (well, all cameras as really just pinholes - but).  He told me that someone local was getting into collodion process photography so I decided to wander over.  

As I was saying goodbye and thanks to Graham a man dressed from head to foot in red (even with a red hat) came out of a shop.  I walked over, camera over shoulder towards to him to ask if I could take a photo.  Before  a word had left my mouth he started shouting agressively at me.  "You don't know me.  Walk away.  Walk away."  I turned on my heel and walked away.  "I'll smash your f--king camera."

Luckily the next subject was quite the opposite in disposition.

Walked over to the pub that Fiona works in and asked if I could watch when the collodion stuff happens.  Should be the Summer.