Backing up while travelling

As I sit here moving my backups from an internal 2Tb drive to a new External 5Tb drive (see below) I'm pondering how best (if it's possible at all) to back up my photos when we're travelling across Route 66.

My guess would be that I'll take about 100 photos/day (bearing in mind some will be HDR, so three RAW files and a JPG per shot).  That's 2000+ photos for the trip.  A raw file is broadly 28mb, so that's about 54Gb of data.  Of course there's zero chance of being able to back that volume of data up.  Every photo will be logged in a notepad and I'll star any that I'm pleased with and then look to just back those up.

What kind of speeds might I encounter on the road?  There's no way I'll be using the dataplan on the phone, so it'll be down to the motel/hotel offerings.  If you're bored already then step away now as it'll only get worse from here.  Most hotels (I read) use 802.11 b.  Reading up on this I never knew that 802.11 b runs as slowly as the slowest device on the network.  This means if someone connects to the network with a slow arse device the network speeds can drop from a theoretical throughput of 11 megs to whatever the device can pull.  A guy did various speed tests around Michigan.  Interesting to see a public library for upload speeds of 67Mb/s.  So at 67Mb/s (that's Megabits, not Megabytes don't forget) I could upload a photo to the cloud (67 Mbps = 8.375 MB/s) in a few seconds, so that'd be great.

Perhaps, just perhaps, I'll find a super-speedy library en-route?