BJP Review: 1966

Passing over the photographers I've heard of; Bill Brandt, Donald McCullin, Lord Snowdon (and as of the 1965 issue Philip Jones Griffiths).

For this issue i've picked this photo by John Bulmer (1938-)

The second cemetery-based photo I've chosen so far.  Again, a photo that provokes questions.  Was she visiting a grave?  Is it her cat or is she following the cat, or the cat just following her?  Did she know she was being photographed?  So many questions.

You see more of Bulmer's work over at his website.

(c) John Bulmer

(c) John Bulmer

Not in the magazine, but on Bulmer's website is this great photo.  The composition is great, but the colours - such amazing colours.

(c) John Bulmer.

(c) John Bulmer.

Addendum:  I got a speedy response from John.

Dear Matt,

Thanks for your email. The girl was not local, but the cat was. It just followed her.

This was shot for a Town Magazine story entitled “The North is dead, long live the New North”

All the best, John