British Journal of Photography

I was looking into which annuals I'm missing from my set.  I picked up a copy of 1964 (and they do go back further), but I'll look to get from 1964-1994 (I think 1994 is the latest available year).

So, with what I already own plus what I've now bought I have 1964-1982, 1984-1988, 1990-1993, 1994.

What does that leave to be found?  1983, 1989 and 1993.

Frustratingly Amazon tells me I bought 1983 back on 2 Feb 2013 but I can't find where I've put it for the life of me.  1993 I can't find for sale anywhere.  Which leaves 1989 which is the interesting one as I'm not sure that year was ever published.  I phoned Marc the CEO of the British Journal of Photography and he kindly said he'd look into it and get back to me.  Interestingly as a labour of love he said they're working their way through scanning the back copies which will, at some point, be made available to the public.

Addendum, reply from Marc on the 1989 issue.

We are none the wiser I am afraid. Its more likely than not that one was published but I do not have a record or copy of it.
— Marc