One photography challenge for this year is to see whether I can make a single stock photography sale.  I'll be trying this through Alamy.  They boast of 90,000,000 images on their site so the chance of selling something seems exceptionally slim.  Basically, it's a numbers game.  I'm going to assume I'd need about 5,000 images on there to even have the smallest of chances.  The images don't need to be aesthetically pleasing, merely technically competent.  The difficulty is the time it takes.  With selecting the image, getting it ready, uploading and keywording you're looking at about ten minutes.  That's 833 hours of work to get to the 5k images (or getting on for four months of seven-hour working days).  It's a lot of work for potentially zero return.  As I type this I just have a measly 72 images on the site.  We'll see what happens.

You can see my growing collection by clicking here.