Moving away

I've been writing software for about a quarter of a century.  That's enough.

I'd like to get into a more creative industry. But, a small percentage of you may say, software is creative. No, software is a discipline and projects can be creative. Why not find a more interesting project? Stop interrupting me. I'm done with software but is it really viable to change careers at this stage in life. Age is relative. I'm 44 which doesn't feel old but feels quite late to make a substantial change.

What might it be feasible for me to do?

+ Photoshop retoucher

+ Product photography

+ Something else?

I work compressed hours which gives me Wednesdays free for photography.  Also, they have a scheme where you can apply to work one day less a week (for less money, obviously).  If I could find a one day a week job in the industry that's very close to where I live and/or  work from home then I could try it out safely to see how it goes.

This gives me two short-term goals

+ Create a website showing what I can do in both photography and Photoshop.

+ Find a one day a week junior job in the industry.