Desert Photoshoot

In October we'll be in America. Specifically; Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.  Mid-way through Jules is flying over to Albuquerque (from Nottingham, via Texas).  We have a plan to drive out into the part of the desert used in the programme "Breaking Bad" and do an early morning photoshoot.

The concept is a Jack Kerouac type character living his their wits, riding the rails with nothing but a few dollars in loose change and their typewriter.

The location we're shooting at is only forty-five minutes from the hotel.  It's part of the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation.  It's pretty off the beaten track, but the co-ordinates should be 35.102449, -107.137169.  It's saved into the GPS so fingers crossed.


Sunrise for Albuquerque is 7:15am for the day of the shoot so if we leave by 6am (and don't get lost) then we should get there on time.


This is the typewriter we'll be bringing with us as a prop.  I've sawn the case apart and used epoxy resin to attach attach the case handle so it can be held like a briefcase. It weighs about 4.5Kg so it won't use too much of the luggage allowance.