Review: Subway by Bruce Davidson

The introduction and opening text is interesting and I do like quite a few of the photos in thsi book I just fail to connect with it in the way I did with the other "subway book" I have; Life Below by Christophe Agou.

There was a sense of hope in Agou's work.  A beauty.  Now of course the subway in the eighties was a far different place than that of the nineties from where Agou's photos come from.  I think on balance it's the style of photography that grips me more with the work of Christophe Agou.  Both are definitely worth buying but if you can only get one i'd go for... well, you know.

Bruce Davidson: Subway
By Bruce Davidson, Fred Braithwaite

Here's my favourite photo from Agou's book.  Reprinted without permission so i'll remove it if asked.