Copyright Theft

After enjoying the Time top photos of the year I was disappointed to read over at PetaPixel that some a photo by Tomas van Houtryve was being used on iPad/iPhone cases in clear breach of copyright and that Amazon (at the time of writing) were doing NOTHING about it.

I'd urge everyone to contact Amazon and ask why.  I also suggest you leave reviews explaining why you find the practice objectionable.

Photographing Art

Graffiti.  I love to photograph graffiti because it's such a transitory artform, but it's often said that it's "photographing someone elses art" and that's a complete valid criticism.  I feel the same way about it, and to a lesser extent to architectural photography.

The only response I really have relates to the aforementioned transitory nature of street art.  It feels less about, to all intents and purposes, "photocopying" someone else work and passing it off as something creative on your part, but documenting a changing scene.

What do you think?