Street Photography (again)

Popped into town to try and find a Tiffany Lamp (figured one would nice in the "World's Smallest Library" that we're turning a TINY room into).   Jehovah's Witnesses were standing under the railway bridge as they seem to enjoy doing and after a chat that went on longer than it should have (but then again they always do) I took some photos.  One guy wasn't keen but I said; "Look i'm going to start taking the photos and if you want me to stop shout Stop."  He didn't so I took about three or four.  There's often a nice light under the bridge so why the hell not.  Here's the best of the bunch.

On the way back I saw a young woman with a camera and asked if she'd found anything to photograph.  She said a Dutch magazine had asked her to photograph old people with long trailing shadows, but no faces.  She did some work for Getty as a model for stock images.  You can see her work over on her Instagram page

I never did find the lamp.