Free Money

I got a request to sell my Facebook vanity url for $250.  It did of course sound somewhat scammy.  However it turned out okay and the cash duly arrived in my PayPal account so I went on a book spending spree.

I'd been reminded of Eric Kimms's 100+ Inspirational Street Photography Books You Gotta Own list.  I had a look through to see how many I had.  Turns out I had more than I thought at 32 of the 88 in the list (There's an overlap between his Top 10, Ones he's received, Top 78, etc.) but taking the Top 10 and the Top 78 and ignoring the 

Some omissions i'd argue, but then that's the point of a list.  It gets people talking.

I had nine of the top ten, but didn't have Martin Parr's "The Last Resort".  It's a book I just never felt able to connect to.  I may have said before that I like Parr's earlier work and I just need the distance time provides to look back on the book to enjoy it.

I bought seven books with the money, of which three were in Erick's list.

  • Unposed by Craig Semetko
  • Subway by Bruce Davidson
  • Earthlings by Richard Kalvar

The four I bought not in the list (two of which are related to street photography) are.

  • Francesca Woodman by Corey Keller and Jennifer Blessing
  • CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed by Frederic Chaubin
  • Revelations: Diane Arbus by Diane Arbus
  • Joan Colom: I Work the Street, Photographs 1957-2010 by David Balsells, Jorge Ribalta

I'll review them as I find time to read them.