Route 66

We've booked our flights and car for our Route 66 Photography trip which is happening in mid September.  We're trying to find the line between over-planning and deciding what we're going to do every day rather than the joy of allowing serendipity to throw things in our path, but equally not getting home again and finding we'd been close to something amazing and had driven past it.

With Route 66 being such an iconic road trip to take I figured there'd be a tonne of photography books out there.  Seemingly not.  The main guy - as far as I can tell is - Jim Hinckley.  I've bought his books and whilst they're good, they're really guides with photos rather than photography books.

More generally there is of course The Open Road Photography and the American Road Trip By David Campany which I've mentioned before.

If you know of any good books I should check out then do please comment below.


Book Review: The Open Road Photography and the American Road Trip By David Campany

This is a beast of a book.  I recommend both hands and a winch to pick it up.

Having been lucky enough to drive through some of Route 66 and have the wish to, one same, drive the whole route I have a great fondness for that part of America.  Left alone it feels like a piece of forgotten America and one which I hope remains unchanged for as long as is possible in the face of seemingly unstoppable progress.