Howard Burnett Memorial Post Office, Cisco, Utah

Whilst in Utah (10th October) we drove to the Ghost Town at Cisco.  The place had featured in a few movies, not least of which was Thelma and Louise.

Driving past the Howard Burnett Memorial Post Office we wondered who Howard Burnett was?

Back home again a bit of research shows he was the last postal worker who made regular US mail deliveries to Cisco from Green River.  He died back in Jan 2017.


Suffering for my art

Towards the end of this year's American Road trip, we found ourselves in Springville, Utah.  We'd driven to Walmart to grab some supplies for something or another.  Across the road was a nice mountain with a pleasant little strip of town in front and a field of what looked like watermelons in the foreground.

Stepping in to take a couple of shots my feet suddenly felt as if they were being poked my a thousand needles because they were.  So sharp were the burrs from what turned out not to be watermelons that they poked through the soles of my shoes.

Sometimes you have to go through some pain for a nice shot.